Monday, 18 July 2011

Clothes I wish I'd bought

I tried on these dresses about a week ago. They were on sale in New Look. I didn't buy them...and I wish that I had. Maybe not so much the middle one, which is perhaps a bit old lady-ish on me...but I'd grow in to it, dammit!

We were out in the town again today, mother-in-law and me, and I didn't find anything. s'alright though, we had a nice morning looking through the sales, drinking tea in the cafe and chatting...and chatting.


  1. The middle one is actually my fav lol... the other 2 are nice as well.... Hate it when you don't buy something then regret it. ALways buy I say - you can return it if needed!

  2. Ah I hate shopping regret! There are some clothes I think about to this day *sigh*

    Still, there'll always be other dresses :)


  3. I liked them all but doubt that they're still there. Ah well, there will indeed be other dresses :)