Sunday, 3 July 2011

Here comes the sun

We slept in late, and when Lee did get up, he opened our curtains and declared it a lovely sunny day. So we put on our shorts and joined his mum out in the garden, in her bikini and suntanning. 
Lee went and bought some food and wine, brought it home and we he made minty lamb burgers from the recipe he found in Yvonnes 'Fresh Living' magazine.
Minty lamb burger with gherkins and beetroot
 Lee reading about French wines
We sat out there all day. And I didn't realize I was getting too much sun, and mostly just on the one side. Dammit.
Sunburn :(


  1. Oooh sounds like a fab day! I got a bit sunburnt at the weekend too - mainly my feet - forgot to put suncream on them haha!!

  2. It was :) But I'm starting to peel...I hate sunburn :(