Monday, 11 July 2011

A lot of pictures at Oxegen!

This past weekend was my first Oxegen experience. Not a 'whole' experience I know, we didn't camp, and I didn't go with a rowdy group of 19 year olds...and thank goodness for that! 

 Festival wellies
I'm not ashamed to say that the Tiny Tea Tent was a highlight. And I'd woken up in a hotel with tea making facilities. Imagine if we'd camped...
We were both disappointed about Pete Doherty being too locked up to play, and weren't particularly enamoured with the rest of the day's line up. We did enjoy The Pretty Reckless and the Arctic Monkeys. Surprisingly Plan B were okay too. We cringed at Beady Eye. We reckon they should've just called it a day when Oasis split up. Liam's an arse...sorry Liam, it's true.

 The crowd before Foo Fighters played.

We went in to the pit a good four or so hours before the Foo Fighters came on. We made ourselves comfy at the back with a bag of Randoms and a bottle of water and waited.
They were great of course and we sang and bopped and clapped and cheered along with the rest of 'em.

It was fun, we ate loads, we got too much sun and we tutted at the states of the people around us. We both realized (and felt) our ages, but at least we weren't the oldest people there. Lee: 'I could never camp here again, everyone is too young...and too annoying'. I'm glad he said it and not me.
I love him.


  1. Haha glad you enjoyed it! I always need tea way more when I'm away camping with the dogs.... survival! I would have loved to see the Foo Fighters - love them! :)

  2. Yeah, I'm a bit of junkie! The Foo Fighters were brilliant, we'll definitely be seeing them again the next time they're in Ireland!