Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dublin day trip - part one

We were away early yesterday morning, up at five and by six we were walking from the car park at our old apartment over to Central Station to get the seven o'clock train from Belfast to Dublin. We ate the filled sodas which Lee had prepared for our breakfast and after we'd eaten it didn't take long before we pulled up at Dublin's Connolly Station.

We were too early to check in so we just left off our bag at the bar we were going to be staying at, and headed off into the city. We took a dander around Temple Bar and stopped in to Oliver St. John Gogartys for a pint o'Guinness. 

I love Temple Bar and all pretty pretty bar and restaurant fronts with hanging baskets, flowers and colourful paintings. Dublin's such a pretty city.

I also love Guinness in the South. I love it in the North too, but in the South, it's just so much nicer.

The streets outside started to fill up with English and Irish rugby supporters while the bars started to fill up inside too. We didn't have as long as I'd liked to have stayed before we had to walk off in the direction of the Aviva Stadium for the rugby match. 

But I'll write more about that in 'part two'. And that will be after I've drunk my fourth cup of tea since being awake in the last 2 hours. I'm very old and tired.


  1. Those pictures! Beautiful, it makes me wanna go there too.


  2. Thank you very much, it's a beautiful city!