Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dublin day trip - part two - the rugby

After our brief stop in Temple bar, we legged it over towards the Aviva stadium. Along the way we passed the Shelbourne Hotel where it turned out the Ireland Rugby Team were staying. A small crowd had gathered outside the front of the hotel where the team bus was waiting to take them to the stadium. We joined the crowd and waited. And waited...and half hour or so later the Ireland team came out. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a sports fan. I don't get competitive sport. I don't swoon over rugby players, or football ones for that matter. I actually rather hate sport (it's true). But Lee loves it and he thought that it was pretty cool that we got to see the Ireland rugby team.
Tommy Bowe?
Brian O'Driscoll?
Who's this boy?
Paul O'Connell?
Geordan Murphy outside Shelbourne Hotel - Dublin

Lee told me who they are or thinks they are, but I don't really know (yes, I'm an idiot). Maybe you can identify them?

Singing the anthems. I sang along to Ireland's Call. Badly and off key.

Surprisingly I had a good day at the rugby. Lee talked me through it and it really wasn't so bad! It would have been better if Ireland had won or at least played a bit better...ah well.

However, after the walk back to the place we were supposed to be staying our day took a bit of a different turn. You may have noticed from the title that we didn't spend the night in Dublin as planned. We'd booked through Expedia and they hadn't sent our reservation details through and so when we went to check in our details were nowhere to be found. We were given a free meal and drinks and the man did everything he could to find us a place to stay. Unfortunately, with the rugby being on and it being a long weekend, there was nothing, so we ended up going back to Connolly station and getting the Enterprise back to Belfast. Which was disappointing because we'd planned a night of fiddle-dee-dee music and a trip to the Guinness factory for today. Thankfully our tickets are valid for a year.

Anyway, so we got the the last train home and had to share a table with three drunk blokes who didn't stop talking until they got off the train at Dundalk. People hey, hmph! I'm not ashamed to say that I pretended to sleep until they got off to avoid having to talk to them. Drunk people are annoying. Thankfully, Lee's starting to agree with me. I've aged him terribly :) I love him :)

So we got to sleep in our own bed last night. And today we're both tired, our legs hurt, the bottoms of my feet burn and I have a mysterious injury to my finger. Gosh...I am not hardcore. 


  1. Pic 1: Jerry Flannery
    Pic 2 is Tommy Bowe
    Pic 3 is BOD
    Pic 4 is Donnacha O Callaghan
    Pic 5 is Paul O Connel

  2. 1, Jerry Flannery
    2 Tommy Bowe
    3, Brian O Driscoll
    4, Donnacha O Callaghan
    5, Paul O Connell

  3. Thank you that cousin-in-law Shane?

  4. Yes it is :) Hello from Edmonton!