Saturday, 13 August 2011

Portrush ~ an afternoon at the sea side [image heavy]

I got to sleep in this morning. It was pretty wonderful. Just before ten, Lee brought me up a cup of tea (bless him) and I drank it while it was hot. Once I was dressed and downstairs it was decided that we'd be taking a drive to Portrush. Lee would play a round of golf, his dad would paint and his ma and I would take Tina for a walk on the beach. Benny stayed with father-in-law by the car. His poor legs wouldn't take him very far.

We walked as far as the beach would allow, stopping in to the little caves along the way. We found small tea lights inside the one, left overs from a not long ago party perhaps.  
Dunluce castle from the beach
A small hidden beach. We didn't fancy having to swim back, the tide was coming in, so we didn't hang around here for very long.
Tina started to get tired. I got more tired...
Mother-in-law dared me to run up this dune. It was a fairly hard slog, scary at the top but worth it for the run back down. So hard work in fact, that I had to remove all extra cardigans. That doesn't happen very often in this country.

On our way back to the car the weather turned and the bright and warm day turned stormy. We were soaked as the rain lashed down on us and the wind kicked up sand up in our eyes. We shrieked and laughed and said how fun it was and by the time we got back we needed ringing out. But then the day turned and the sun  shone again so we dried off fast. We picked up an excited Lee at the golf course...he'd had a good day too. 
We had our dinner at Bentley's on the main street and took a dander over to the harbour for a drink in the bar.

It was my favourite day at the port which until today hasn't been my favourite place in Nor'n Iron. But today it was all beautiful.


  1. Ah good old Portrush & the good old N.I weather lol..! Glad you all had a good day x

  2. beautiful pictures Katie