Thursday, 4 August 2011

Thursday. A disjointed ramble.

This was the sky on the way to work this morning. Not long after, it poured.

I've almost finished my first week of work and so far it's going well. The people are so friendly and so nice

Still, it's been hard starting over, meeting new people and learning a new job. I don't deal particularly well with change and it's left me so tired which makes for a very emotional Karen. (I've been super hormonal too).

Also this week, Benson was diagnosed with diabetes so I've been cleaning up after a sickly Labrador every day (Poor Benny Boy). This morning there was the biggest spider in the bath. Lee squashed it with the 'humane' spider catcher and I had to dispose of the body and spider goop. 
I miss my ma and pa, my doggies, my street. I miss my little car. I miss Sunday shopping trips to the Glen with stops for cups of tea and to share those delicious sticky buns. I miss mommy hugs and talking a hole through her head while she cooks the dinner. I miss my spot at the kitchen table. I miss throwing the ballie for Nushka and Billie, sitting in the garden in the evening and being warm.

I can't wait for South Africa 2012.

Mother and father-in-law got home from their cruise today. It was good to see them and hear about their adventures at sea. One day we'll go on a cruise too.

But for now I'm just thankful that tomorrow is Friday.


  1. Awww have a nice rest over the weekend, a new job is really stressful! Poor doggie soon, I hope he starts feeling better, I'm sure he'll be on medication for his diabetes? x

  2. Poor dog, yes, he's got insulin and a new diet.

    I'm so glad it's the weekend, for the first time in ages, I've earned it!