Thursday, 29 September 2011

Wednesday evening celebratory pizza

So, as I already mentioned, yesterday was the anniversary of our engagement. And since we're the type of people to not ignore a reason to celebrate, we knocked ourselves out with a meal at Milanos in Ballymena. I love Milanos, their pizzas are always devine, the restaurant so pretty and you can bring your own bottle, so it's generally a cheap evening out! What's not to like?

Also, yesterday was probably the warmest day of the year (at least 22 degrees) so I got to wear a dress. Of course, I photographed the evidence of this very hot day and the celebration of getting my legs out for the first time in a long time.

We're so cool, we put on our sunglasses before we leave the house.

...and then my camera battery died :(

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Two year (engagement) anniversary

It was two years ago in France that we got I'm going to re-hash these photos again:

Happy two year engage-aversary Lee! Look how we've aged in just two years! 


Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Autumn in the park

The leaves are starting to turn orange, red and brown. I think they're so pretty when they do! After our dinner of roasted parsnip soup, we took a walk over to the park to get some fresh air and blow away the cobwebs. I love a nice walk to and around the park.

You'd almost expect to see fairy folk frolicking amongst those leaves. And that looks alarmingly like a spider in the right hand corner. It's just the leaf (I hope).
There is still far too much greenery and not enough orange and red. I can't wait until the little hills are covered in deep snow again. I've told Lee that we have to get there early before anyone leaves footprints, so that I can make my own prints...and snow angels.

These are some things I'm looking forward to:

Knitting a chunky scarf (and hopefully finishing it before the winter is over).
Finding the perfect pair of winter boots and
The perfect warm coat.
Going to France with Lee and friends and taking a million photos of beautiful French towns and villages and
Eating in Michelin starred restaurants and buying food at their markets.
The 'two year anniversary of our engagement'* celebration dinner tomorrow evening (any excuse for a nice meal out!)
Eating more soup and
Apple pie.
Pie in general.

What're you looking forward to this Autumn?

*I'm happy to see that my thighs are a lot smaller than they were two years ago. What were they letting me eat at that pub??

Sunday, 25 September 2011


I've been wanting to make my moms apple pie for ages. I've also been wanting to roast a chicken for just as long. So today I got busy, I put on my pretty flowery apron that Yvonne gave me and spent most of the day in the kitchen. It's fun playing house-wife! (ah, I'm sure it'll wear off) 

Apple pie that tastes like home :)
Thanks mum! x x x
I also made meatballs in tomato sauce, that's tomorrow's dinner taken care of too!

To go with our roast chicken, I roasted potatoes and butternut and boiled some broccoli.

And viola! A good Sunday lunch like my marmee makes!
Max went home this afternoon. It was so nice having him around which has only made me want a puppy even more. I need a lap dog.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

A weekend with Max

We've had this guy staying with us this weekend:
Max is Kerri's boyfriends sisters Pug. He came to stay with us on Friday evening. His mom and dad were at a family function and he wasn't invited and I can kind of see why as he's a ball of energy, exuberance, crazy and cheeky.

I just can't get over his face. He's the cutest thing. He had me pinned down and was giving my arms lots of sloppy kisses while grunting and snorting. How can anyone feel down when getting loved like that?

So today we took Max to what we think was his first trip to the seaside. He had a wonderful time running, splashing and sniffing out things in the sand. He's such a cutie.
 I love him. I think Max does too, he gets so excited whenever he see's Lee, his whole little body wags.
It's been a while since we've been to Cushendun so it was a welcome change of seaside scenery. The day was warm (warmer than usual, not actually warm) and for a change we didn't get caught in a down pour. The most wet I got was when Benny climbed into a steam and shook himself dry right next to me. Benny's doing much better and his insulin dosage is coming down. It looks like he'll pull through after all :)

Friday, 23 September 2011

A Hiatus

Regular posting shall resume shortly.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A Sunday in Belfast

We got a lift in to Belfast on Sunday afternoon. We had lunch booked at Cayenne for the four of us. But before that, we got a tour of Aidans new flat and emptied a bottle of bubbly. Lunch was lovely and totally reasonably priced for Cayenne. Three courses for £15.95 each. And then we went down the road for an afternoon in the beer garden at Filthy McNasty's. It was anything but filthy and nasty, but lovely and colourful and warm, a complete contrast to the bar of the same name in London (which I also loved, but for other reasons).

This weekend just proved that the years are catching up with us (me). And you know, that's totally okay.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Ballintoy Harbour - a Saturday afternoon (in the rain)

It was already pretty late in the day when we set off to Ballintoy, the in-laws, the dogs and me. Lee had another golf lesson in Antrim, so we left him behind. It was sunny in Ballymena, but by the time we got to Armoy, it was bucketing down. It cleared up long enough for mother-in-law, Benny, Tina and I to have a short walk on the beach, but then the rain returned and we were drenched. Again.
This wee family braved the weather. The boy was jumping up and down in the rain, his dad was showing him how to hold the fishing rod, and his mom was taking photos. It was really sweet.

And then this rainbow came out.

We dried out in the car for a little while, then had some lunch at Roarks Kitchen. The restaurant is so small, and the tables are all crammed in, but they do pretty much everything, and the food was lovely.

 I had veggie soup with wheaten bread and butter.

One day, if the weather is ever nice again, we're going to go across the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.

I'm pretty miserable about the summer being over. There're still so many things I wanted to do that warrants semi decent weather. We never did get to Rathlin Island to see the puffins, but they're not going anywhere, and there's always next year. If the weather is ever nice again...

Then again, at the same time, I'm fairly excited about the autumn. I love the colour the leaves are turning, and I do like to wrap up in coats and scarves and boots. We have plenty to look forward to over the next few months too :)