Sunday, 11 September 2011

Up at stupid o'clock Sunday - Rugby

We were up at seven this morning to watch the rugby. *Stupid World Cup in New Zealand. Lee was up, awake and dressed, and I was in my gown, hair dishevelled and probably smelly. I brought pillows and blankets to the couch and lay there watching Ireland beat...ah dear, I forget who they were playing already. It doesn't matter, they won. We breakfasted and then we were back to the couch for round two of the rugby, South Africa vs Wales. Ah! It was Ireland vs USA. Mush for brains I tell ye. I think I really ought to start doing something to slow this decline of my faculties. I could probably start by learning the actual rules of rugby, since I still, rather embarrassingly, don't know anything about it. That's terrible for a South African, I know.

It was a grey day, and windy with what's left of Katia. But for a little while we braved what was outside and walked to the Peoples Park with some bread for the ducks.

 Weekends go by so fast.

*Postscript: I got up early to watch the rugby without any coaxing or encouragement. Lee didn't force me to get out of bed to watch sport. He knows better than that.


  1. They really fly by but great pictures of some feathery friends, even the Ireland team need a good winger :)