Saturday, 1 October 2011

Ballygally Castle ~ Tea for two

Lee had suggested we play a round of mini golf, but the weather was against us and the golf course at Carnfunnock Country Park was closed :( But Lee had more planned for us for this day and we drove to Ballygally Castle for afternoon tea! I've been wanting to go for tea for ages so this was a lovely surprise! Thank you Lee!! 
They certainly gave us enough to eat! We had tiny salmon and cucumber sandwiches, raisin and cherry scones, fifteens, caramel squares and shortbread. We smuggled the left overs out wrapped in a napkin in my handbag. (Which I've just finished with a cup of tea) Thanks again Lee!!

Oh so posh. Lee knows how to drink his tea :)

The stairs up to the ghost room

Rapunzel Rapunzel...

Driving back on the east coast road

It's been such a lovely day despite the awful weather!


  1. Wow lovely pics and what a fab looking afternoon tea!! Fifteens are my favourite, don't get em in England tho.. :(

  2. Thank you, the tea was pretty fabulous :) I don't think you get fifteens anywhere except here! I'd never heard of them! You'll have to make your own :)

  3. I've always wondered what was in Ballygally - always hear the name and it puts a smile on my face but never actually stopped there... a name that rhymes is always awesome, all places should follow suit!

    The sweets look yummy, shortbread and scones, nom nom.

  4. Hahaha, I know, I love the sound of Ballygally. I kept repeating it too and smiling :) Actually, anything starting in 'Bally' is kind of funny.