Friday, 23 December 2011


We're on holiday! For a little while.

I went to see cousin-in-law Elizabeth for a hair cut this afternoon after work. I let her chop away willy nilly 'cos I'm still trying to rid my hair of the colour shampoo I applied in February which won't let go. I'm really happy with less hair even though it'll nevah sit like that when I do it.

I do dislike visits to the hairdressers. I never feel at ease with those brightly lit mirrors, the noise of the chatter and the dryers, the questions I don't know the answers 'what are we doing today'? And then I panic and ask for a wee trim because I just don't know.

But I think I'm overly hard on hairdressers. I need to judge them on the way they do my hair instead of leaving unhappy about my face, which always looks grey, lined and sallow in the harsh light...and I'm happy with my hair.

So hooray(!) for a good hair cut and being on holiday!!