Thursday, 26 January 2012

One more day of work and then holidays for three weeks!

Lee and I are all packed and ready to head over to Dublin for our early morning flight to London and then a day at Heathrow...and then the loong flight to Jo'burg. 

We'll be back in three weeks, fat, brown, our hair bleached from the sun, and eager to start planning our next trip! (with any luck anyway, not so much the fat part though)

I may or may not be doing much any blogging while we're away, but you just know that the moment we're home there'll be a hundred thousand photos to put up!

See ya'll later in February!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Our Sunday

This morning, on a recommendation from our hosts, we had our breakfast at Springsteens Diner in Carrickfergus. It's this cool American style diner pretty much right next to the castle which we were planning on visiting, so it all worked out well for us.
We both drank strawberry milkshakes and I had the pancake stack with maple syrup. Lee had the scrambled eggs and toast. It was so nice to sit and chat for ages over our breakfast. Afterwards, we wrapped ourselves up and braced ourselves against the weather outside. It was bitterly cold and windy at the castle but it was worth our (brief) visit! The walk and the cold air did us good.

The rest of our day involved a wonderful nap and some pizza and the start of packing for our holiday in South Africa :) Five days until we leave for Dublin airport...and then three weeks of family, friends and sunshine!

Making koeksisters

Lee and I made koeksisters the other day. Okay, Lee did most of the work, I was just there for the fun bits. He followed a recipe on YouTube, here and here.

I love these syrupy deep fried plaited strips of dough.

We wrapped them up and took them round to dinner last night with the South African girl that Lee works with and her boyfriend. We made up a little South African themed gift basket with some All Gold tomato sauce, Mrs Balls chutney, boerewors, wine and some (real) Nik Naks.

We've had a great weekend!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I'd started knitting this scarf/snood before Christmas, but it had become neglected. The last couple of nights I've been knitting again and this morning I finished putting it together. I wore it to work today and it kept me cosy in the office.

Now that that's finished, maybe I can start looking at finding a pattern to learn how to follow.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

It was cold at Cushendun this morning. That's where we ended up going with Tina for a walk. Lee's dad was painting while Lee, his mommy and I had a wee Guinness at McBrides pub.

We warmed up at home with hot soup and toast...and now we're kind of at a loss for what to do next. So we're trying to learn the South African national anthem. And Lee's better at it than I am.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

pom pom girls

I'm not sure how it came up in conversation at work last week, but we somehow got talking about knitting, sewing, crafts and...pom poms. It turned out that the girls had never ever made a pom pom and before long they were asking how they're made and could I please show them how*

So today we made pom poms :)

We used left over balls of wool and cardboard from backs of our notebooks and then we spent the rest of the free moments in the day winding the wool around the cardboard rings.

In the end, only three out of the four pom poms turned out okay. We laughed so hard while making them, no matter how they turned out, it wouldn't have been a wasted exercise.

I love my job :)

*If you were looking for a tutorial, you can find one here

Monday, 9 January 2012

Seven Dresses

 I  Lee found some dresses on The House of Fraser website (on sale!). He picked around 20 dresses he thought were nice and I narrowed them down to 6* 

I'm adding another resolution to actually wear these dresses. Too often I buy nice things and never wear them for fear of trashing them. And I'm a bit of a boy and usually end up in jeans and a tshirt with a woolly cardigan. Lee's a lucky guy.

*I got the black dress from

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Twenty Twelve - The Resolutions

So my resolutions for this past year were a bit weak really. I'm going to try and do better this time around.

  • I wanted to read more in 2011, but instead got sucked into my Google Reader again. So this year I aim to read at least one book a month. Luckily I got a few good books for Christmas and I've started reading The Help, which only four chapters in, is wonderful!
  • I learned how to knit in 2011, I made a blanket and a scarf (and an egg cosy!). In 2012 I'm going to attempt knitting something from a pattern. I find knitting patterns terrifying, so I'm going to start small.
  • I want to learn how to crochet. My mother's been threatening to teach me for ages and I was never all that interested before now. I'm going to let her teach me while we're over in South Africa in February. And then I'm going to crochet a baby blanket for our new niece/nephew.
  • We resolve to buy a house! And then we'll plant a vegetable and herb garden, we want lettuce and radishes and tomatoes, parsley sage rosemary and thyme...and basil and coriander...but I doubt they grow in this climate. I want to buy a house plant and keep it alive too!
  • We want to do some travelling. We're going to South Africa for three weeks in February. We've got a weekend trip to Dublin to see Tom Petty...but it'd also be nice to go somewhere in Europe where I've not yet been...Spain? Italy? Somewhere warm would be nice.
  • I will be pledging allegiance and becoming a Briton. I need to be living in the South of Ireland for three years in order to 'become' I'll be British instead ;)
  • I'd like to (try) be more sociable in 2012...
  • I'm going to try relax and not be so damn uptight all the time. Lighten up a little...breathe more deeply...let things go.
  • I want to find more blogs to read along with all the regular ones I've been loving this year.
  • I want to do more and sit less. Although half a day in to the new year and I've barely left my (rocking) chair, except for that time I was sitting at the kitchen table over breakfast. Sigh.
The New Year Resolution Generator says that in 2012 I will:

Spend more time with the kids (who's?)
Enjoy every minute
Eat a whole tomato like an apple
Give more compliments

I could have kept clicking the 'give me more' button forever but I also need to know when to stop.

So maybe they're still not profound or inspiring, but I have no intentions of starting a fitness programme or giving up chocolate.

A new year

Photos from new year celebrations at Gillies, Galgorm. 

Happy twenty twelve to you all x