Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A day and a night in Jo'burg

The first Thursday we were away, Lee and I took a drive up North to Sandton. We wandered through the shops and drank beer at a café in Nelson Mandela Square and then posed for touristy pictures with the man.
Once we were done over there, we headed over to the Westcliffe for a light lunch before going back South to get ready to meet Nola and her Chris.
Noleen, Chris, a friend of theirs and us at dinner at Nandos on the way to Fourways. We made it to Tanz Café in time to catch all the bands we were going to see. We were beginning to panic that we'd miss it since all the traffic lights were out and we sat in traffic not moving for ages. But we got there and we loved Lonehill Estate. It was a great night out! Yoh, we laughed a lot!
Thanks again Noleen and Chris...we had fun :)


  1. great spending time with you guys! glad you enjoyed Lonehill :)

    1. We're both still randomly bursting into 'daans daans daans...' lol