Saturday, 25 February 2012

Dinner at la Colombe and meeting the family at Fairview

After our day at Cape Point and around Cape Town, we went back to our hotel and changed for dinner at la Colombe in Constantia. Lee'd done his research and it'd paid off! 

Below: what I ate, beetroot cannelloni, chalmar beef and a pink fluffy dessert I can't recall but know was delicious! 

And Kaz, Noleen and me before our meal. My dress got tighter and tighter as I progressed through my meal.

The next morning we checked out from the Protea Breakwater Hotel and left Cape Town for the wine lands. Our first stop was Fairview where we'd arranged to meet my aunty Del and second cousin Malcolm. I've not seem them for many years, so it was lovely to catch up again.


  1. Really enjoying your blogs and photos... it looks like a really amazing trip!

  2. Thank you! Ah, it was so great! I have far too many photos to go through too!

  3. Pictures are amazing! Wish I could go back in time....

    1. Thanks Kaz, I know, I want to go back there too!!