Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Dinner in the tree tops - Moyo Spier

We ate dinner at Noleens favourite place ever - Moyo at Spier. We got there early to make sure we got a table up in the trees, then sat for a while with some iced tea until the buffet started. This was our third Moyo experience, but so far, our favourite was Moyo at Zoo Lake. We did like the table in the trees though!
Our waitress came around and explained that at Moyo, you must wash your hands before you eat. She poured warm scented water over our hands and gave us a towel to dry them. Then told us we could go get our food. The food was only so so, but then it was a buffet...

She also brought us blankets. It wasn't really cold, but we wrapped up in them anyway.

It was a good night out. We enjoyed the Moyo singers who came round to our tree top table and sang the national anthem for us (Lee's request) and he sang along proudly. Still, for R250 each, I really didn't eat very much at all. I should have taken more koeksisters.

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