Monday, 27 February 2012

Some vineyards and tastings - Rustenberg, Waterford and Stellekaya

Wine tasting was the reason we'd Lee'd come to the Cape. I wanted to go because it's beautiful and it's where my family are from. Also, I rather enjoy a glass or two of wine myself. Ja, so we visited some vineyards and wineries. The first on this particular day was Rustenberg. We were super impressed with Rustenberg and it's Five Soldiers, Peter Barlow and I was even more impressed with the dessert wine. We bought a bottle :)

Our next stop was Waterford. We sat down to taste 8 wines, the last 3 paired with chocolate. I especially enjoyed those and we went away with a bottle of the Rose-Mary and two slabs of chocolate :) What a beautiful setting.

The last of the tastings that Wednesday we drove over to Stellekaya. It was recommended to us by a friend and we weren't disappointed! We were given a tasting by wine maker Ntsiki Biyela, somewhat of a wine celebrity in South Africa. She was so friendly and chatty and we spoke about wines (obviously) and a book she'd just finished reading which Noleen had been going on about since we'd arrived in S.A - The Racists Guide to the People of South Africa. Afterwards she gave us a tour of where the wine was made and gave us Pinot Noir grapes to taste.
By that stage of the day we were both feeling a wee bit tipsy, so we headed back to the Devon Valley to ready ourselves for dinner...and that post will follow...

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