Sunday, 26 February 2012

Two nights in Stellenbosch (Part 1)

After meeting the family at Fairview, we continued our drive on to Stellenbosch and the Devon Valley Hotel. Oh my. We loved the Devon Valley. I loved our room, our bath and our wee balcony amongst the vineyards. Everything there is just so beautiful. 
(Above) Our first outing was to Kanonkop for some tastings. We're big fans of Kanonkop wines. (Below) That night we ate at Rust en Vrede (61 out of top 100 restaurants). We were welcomed there with an aperitif on the terrace over looking their vineyard and the mountains. We went inside for our

Lee had the duck ballentine and I had white asparagus to start, we both had some sage gnocchi. I ate lamb and Lee ate seabass. Lee finished his meal with the cheese board...and I had toffee apple cheese with tonka bean ice cream. We all agreed Rust en Vrede was our favourite restaurant. Ever.
Driving back to our hotel after our meal and Lee put on some Tom Petty. We sang along to Free Falling and I think we were all feeling the same way - pretty darn happy.


  1. that sounds amazing, i love your vineyard pics, unfortunately i dont like wine (you gasp in horror i know!) so we didnt spend much time at the vineyards... Oh and that bath is just like the one im going to have in my dream house one day :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm not really a huge wine drinker myself, but even so, the wineries and vineyards are so beautiful, they're worth a visit just for that!

      I loved the bath! It would be part of my dream house too. I loved that hotel room!