Friday, 23 March 2012

Home - the one in South Africa (a bit of a cheat really)

I'm falling so behind on the blogging lately. There's good reason for it (I'm working on a much bigger project, more on that will come). 

Anyway, I cheated and threw all of our photos together from the last few days around the house with my mom and dad and dogs. 

This was our last week of South Africa. The sun shone brightly every day, we lazed in the lapa playing ludo and darts and ate watermelon...we went out for meals and ate yummy 'mommy food' and we spent lots of time just chatting and catching up. Gosh, now it seems so long ago that it's like we were never away. We're going to be booking our next trip out really soon, just as soon as we can. 

Sometimes, the simplest things like playing silly board games together can be the best things. That old ludo board is the same one we used when we were kiddies, at least a hundred years ago now.

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