Thursday, 29 March 2012

Our home - a quick look around

In just a couple of weeks, our living room has gone...

Camping furniture, a picnic blanket and a crate...
Our (huge) corner couch arrived today. It's not as enormous as we imagined it was going to be so we're very pleased! And below, Lee's wine cabinet. He put it all together a few nights ago, I think he did a great job! It's already filled with some of our favourite South African reds :)
And while I'm at it, you might as well have a quick nosey around some more of the house...
The messy room is our stand in wardrobe until we get actual cupboards. All our stuff has been thrown in there. We really do have a lot of stuff.

So, little by little, our wee housie is turning in to a real home. This has been such an exciting (and stressful) time for us, but seeing it all come together has been so worth it. And in a couple more weeks we'll have hopefully settled in more and have the rest of the furniture we've been waiting for.

And then we can get started on even more fun things!


  1. LOVE that kitchen island so much! You've done a great job and getting unpacked and your house looks lovely :)

  2. Thank you! It's coming together finally, we just have upstairs to do now!

  3. I'm so happy and excited for you! Your new home looks so lovely! :)

    1. Thanks so much L; How've you been, we've not chatted in ages!

    2. Good!! I've missed our chats!! :)

  4. Ooohhhh! that kitchen island