Thursday, 26 April 2012


This has been sitting in my drafts since Tuesday, which actually was a fairly pleasant day.

I woke up this morning to a lovely sunny day. The car temperature read 6 degrees and I’m only wearing a short sleeved shirt under my 3 quarter sleeved chunky cardigan. And a vest obviously, always a vest.

It was the sort of morning that reminds you that it’s (supposed) to be spring and that warmer even better weather is (allegedly) coming, and all the exciting things to look forward to. Like feeling well again, the sun warming me up and making me freckly, mini trips away, maybe picnics and walks and wearing shorts. Oh shorts! All those summers in the sunshine where I was just hot and bored and stupid!!

I just keep thinking that last year this time we were here:
Is that sunshine? And I was wearing a sleeveless dress. Imagine! (I miss my fringe). (Pictures from our mini trip to County Fermanagh and Belle Isle)

I'm not going to lie, I've been having a tough few weeks months. I've been cold, down, anxious and feeling pretty damn unwell with bouts of home-sickness thrown in for good measure. I've been functioning on the absolute basics. But now, and I'm scared to jinx it, I think that just maybe I might be starting to come out of it.

And now that I'm starting to feel (kind of) well again, I really am starting to feel more excited about all the things ahead of us. And there's a lot!


  1. hi, sorry to hear you've had an 'off' few months, homesickness sucks but sounds like your workin thru it, focusing on the great things you have here helps. Anyway glad your positive and happy again :)

    1. Hi, thanks. It's not really as bad as that, my husband told me anyone would think I have something terminal! I'm quite well though. Thank you :)