Saturday, 19 May 2012

Fifteen (and a half) weeks

This evening while Lee's in Belfast on a stag do, I've been trying to clean up what's going to be the nursery. This is what it started out looking like:
I wish I could post an 'after' photo where the carpet is actually visible, but who knew we had so much junk? I'll have to put at least another days work into it before I can post an 'after' picture.

A 15 (and a half) week bump:
I'm still not entirely convinced this is all baby belly, even though my belly button has vanished...can that happen after 10 weeks of inactivity and pastry? Thankfully, most of my strange food aversions have left me and I can eat fairly normally again. Except for chicken...and tea. Yuck.

Oh man, I'm never going to look the same again. From now on, all of my photos are going to have to be cut off like this:

25 more weeks to go!


  1. If I went off chicken I think I'd be fucked coz that's pretty much all I eat lol!

    Good luck sorting the nursery though!

    1. Not eating chicken is pretty awkward! I'm hoping I'll be able to eat it again!
      Thanks, I'm looking forward to doing the rest of it now :)

  2. Your little bump is cute! Hope you get the room sorted!!

    1. Haha, thanks :) But to me, it's huge!