Sunday, 27 May 2012

Our summery weekend

The sun finally came out this week. On Friday when I came home Lee and I headed straight out into our garden and that's where we stayed until after eight o'clock. We couldn't even be bothered to make food, so we ate fresh buttered rolls and drank wine (him-alcoholic, me-non-alcoholic).
On Saturday our friends Lauren and George came round to braai (bbq) Lee and I had everything prepared from Friday evening, so all we had to do was take everything outside and put the food on the fire. What a braai we had! There was boerewors, home made lamb burgers, chicken wings and ribs, salad and potato bake, beer and non-alcoholic beer and milk tart for pudding. We sat outside the whole day until the South Africans started to get chilly and we had to move inside.

Once inside, Lee entertained us with his guitar. Baby O'Boyle was doing back flips and somersaults every time his/her daddy played anything and sang. This was the first week I've felt any movements :)
We had milkshakes for our breakfast this morning, and left over boerewors and potato bake. If only we had more days/weekends like this one. 
Today has been wonderfully warm and lazy, I'm a little bit more tanned and a lot more happy and there's still a lot to look forward to over the next couple of weeks :)


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend use two had! Seems everyone was out enjoying the sun :)

    1. I think the whole of Northern Ireland was outside for sure!

  2. Sounds fab! We went to a BBQ on Sat night - v fun :) x