Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Monday mini tour

On our way back from Donegal we stopped off in Derry / Londonderry for a quick tour. I'd not been and had (apparently) been going on at Lee for not taking me. Really, that was years ago, I was over it already. But Lee reckoned it'd come up again, and since we were so close and had some time to kill we parked the car and took a short walk along the cities wall. We didn't see much of the city, it has some pretty buildings and no doubt interesting history. I did notice 'graffiti' written in what looked suspiciously like blood, but I could be mistaken. Maybe.
 The Bogside and murals from the city walls

We stopped in at the wee tea garden in Downhill, the one with all the peacocks.
And we managed to find The Brown Trout Inn again. We went there in 2010 when my sister and family were over for our wedding. How on earth they found it is a mystery! After Lee's wee half pint we stopped off in Ballymena before heading home again. I'm loving the short work weeks :)

Monday, 25 June 2012

What came of my scan on Friday

Friday morning was our big scan. We stayed over the night before in Ballymena with Lee's mum and dad and in the morning made a dash through the rain from the parking lot to the out patients building for my appointment. We'd been so excited leading up to this scan and kept debating whether or not to find out if we'd be buying pink booties or blue booties in the near future. Curiosity got the better of us though and it looks like baby O'Boyle is a girl! Well, the sonographer said she could see nothing to indicate that she wasn't a girl. Look how sweet she is lying pretty much folded in half, legs and bum in the air :)

We're so happy and thankful that everything looks well with our little girl and she's healthy and active. We're looking so forward to meeting our wee one in another 20 weeks! Our sweet little squishy :)

Our weekend drive around the Inishowen peninsula

We were away in Donegal this weekend. All of last week the weather forecast spelled doom for our weekend away but it turned out pretty good. By pretty good I mean it didn't rain continuously, but that's probably because I was prepared with a warm and waterproof coat.

I took too many photos and am somewhat overwhelmed at which ones to pick, so I've just dumped a whole lot below. I loved our drive along the coast stopping off to admire the views, lunch and drink half pints of Guinness (and hot chocolate for me).

 'Bamba's Crown' The most northern point of Ireland. The 'Eire' on the ground was to prevent World War 2 bombers from bombing Ireland during the war.

 Five Finger Strand

 I haven't had a chance to update about Friday mornings scan, but I will...soon!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

We dined al fresco

It was such a lovely day yesterday that we had to take advantage of it. It's not often that it's warm enough to eat outdoors!

We had yummy Mediterranean tart and green veggies.

And today it just rained the whole day.

We're pretty excited...tomorrow morning it's the big scan where with any luck we'll be finding out if we'll be buying pink or blue booties in the next couple of months :) Also, those little flutters of the last couple of weeks have turned in to full blown kicks. Such excitement!

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

19 weeks (+ 5 days)

And my newest pair of maternity trousers. Such comfy maternity trousers :)

Mmmh, home baked goodies :)

I made these mini scones and coconut tarts for today's visit with the in-laws. I really really want to eat them now. Well, it seems my appetite is finally returning :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The place where I used to work

The 1st of June was my last day at my last job. I was there for ten months (covering maternity leave) in a cosy little office with three other woman and towards the end, a man. It doesn't happen often, but I liked that job. Stranger still, I liked my colleagues. I joke, it's not that strange that I liked people I worked with. It's happened before. Anyway, I was very sad to say goodbye to them all.  

We all went for lunch at the Adair Arms in Ballymena on the Thursday. I got presents and a card and they all wrote nice things in it and made me tear-y. And then there was cake and photos and goodbyes.

Our office and Rosemary, Aileen, Marie and me (and a huge baby bump)
And I don't really know what we're doing here, or why.

Anyway. It was fun and I'll certainly miss the tea breaks and the chats, the eye rolls, the bank runs, the biscuits and sweets, the giggles and the gossiping.

I'm now three days in to my new job in the city centre. It'll take a while before I'm settled again and then it won't be long before I'll be heading off on my own maternity 'leave'. But three days in and all is going well and I can't complain.

Monday, 11 June 2012

It doesn't make dessert any easier to eat either.

It's more of a 'foon' than a 'spork' 'cos it's more of a spoon than it's a fork!

That time we saw Tom Petty in Dublin

What a great time that was! It was one of the most relaxed and enjoyable concert experiences, probably ever. I hate crowds and I hate excited happy crowds of people dancing and jumping around when I'm standing amongst them. It's not even because I'm old...I've always hated standing for hours at concerts. Lots of people...bleurgh. So you can imagine my joy when Lee booked us seated tickets (yay for being pregnant!!) to see Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers :)

Ja, so we got the Luas over to the O2 after the doors had already opened so we didn't have to queue at all. We walked right in, got some popcorn and water and found our seats. Hooray! And then the next couple of hours passed by in the blink of an eye. We sang along to pretty much every song and before we knew it The Heartbreakers and Tom were doing their last song. We got on the first train back to our hotel, stopped for a wee drink at O'Sheas then fell into bed, tired and happy.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dublin mini break

On Tuesday Lee and I got the Enterprise down to Dublin. We'd bought tickets months ago to see Tom Petty play at the O2 and we've been pretty excited about the concert! Lee booked us a place to stay for three nights and we made a little holiday out of it.

We had tickets booked also from months ago for the Guinness Factory. We got the 'hop on hop off' bus for two days which was pretty useful for getting us around the city easily and dryly as it later turned out. It rained solidly for 2 of the 3 and a half days we were there. Grrrrr Dublin!!

I didn't get to drink my Guinness, but Lee assured me it wasn't the best pint he's had. Lee, if you were lying to make me feel better, thank you ;) I just had a coke.

We took a wander around the museum. I'm pretty sure we must have missed a whole lot 'cos we weren't really impressed and I usually love museums. It's in a pretty building anyway!

Next...Tom Petty!