Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dublin mini break

On Tuesday Lee and I got the Enterprise down to Dublin. We'd bought tickets months ago to see Tom Petty play at the O2 and we've been pretty excited about the concert! Lee booked us a place to stay for three nights and we made a little holiday out of it.

We had tickets booked also from months ago for the Guinness Factory. We got the 'hop on hop off' bus for two days which was pretty useful for getting us around the city easily and dryly as it later turned out. It rained solidly for 2 of the 3 and a half days we were there. Grrrrr Dublin!!

I didn't get to drink my Guinness, but Lee assured me it wasn't the best pint he's had. Lee, if you were lying to make me feel better, thank you ;) I just had a coke.

We took a wander around the museum. I'm pretty sure we must have missed a whole lot 'cos we weren't really impressed and I usually love museums. It's in a pretty building anyway!

Next...Tom Petty!


  1. I've only ever stayed in Belfast for a night to see Bill Bailey perform. Must go back and explore it more fully :)

    1. Ag, it's not a bad wee city! I'm sure you'd find lots to entertain yourself for a long weekend :)