Monday, 25 June 2012

Our weekend drive around the Inishowen peninsula

We were away in Donegal this weekend. All of last week the weather forecast spelled doom for our weekend away but it turned out pretty good. By pretty good I mean it didn't rain continuously, but that's probably because I was prepared with a warm and waterproof coat.

I took too many photos and am somewhat overwhelmed at which ones to pick, so I've just dumped a whole lot below. I loved our drive along the coast stopping off to admire the views, lunch and drink half pints of Guinness (and hot chocolate for me).

 'Bamba's Crown' The most northern point of Ireland. The 'Eire' on the ground was to prevent World War 2 bombers from bombing Ireland during the war.

 Five Finger Strand

 I haven't had a chance to update about Friday mornings scan, but I will...soon!


  1. Great photos! I've never been to Donegal but it looks exactly how you would imagine Ireland to look lol!

    1. You'll have to go, it's not like it's far! It's exactly how you would expect Ireland to look :)