Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The place where I used to work

The 1st of June was my last day at my last job. I was there for ten months (covering maternity leave) in a cosy little office with three other woman and towards the end, a man. It doesn't happen often, but I liked that job. Stranger still, I liked my colleagues. I joke, it's not that strange that I liked people I worked with. It's happened before. Anyway, I was very sad to say goodbye to them all.  

We all went for lunch at the Adair Arms in Ballymena on the Thursday. I got presents and a card and they all wrote nice things in it and made me tear-y. And then there was cake and photos and goodbyes.

Our office and Rosemary, Aileen, Marie and me (and a huge baby bump)
And I don't really know what we're doing here, or why.

Anyway. It was fun and I'll certainly miss the tea breaks and the chats, the eye rolls, the bank runs, the biscuits and sweets, the giggles and the gossiping.

I'm now three days in to my new job in the city centre. It'll take a while before I'm settled again and then it won't be long before I'll be heading off on my own maternity 'leave'. But three days in and all is going well and I can't complain.


  1. It is rare to enjoy your job but hopefully your new one will be just as enjoyable :)

  2. Aww hope you get on just as well in your new job x