Thursday, 21 June 2012

We dined al fresco

It was such a lovely day yesterday that we had to take advantage of it. It's not often that it's warm enough to eat outdoors!

We had yummy Mediterranean tart and green veggies.

And today it just rained the whole day.

We're pretty excited...tomorrow morning it's the big scan where with any luck we'll be finding out if we'll be buying pink or blue booties in the next couple of months :) Also, those little flutters of the last couple of weeks have turned in to full blown kicks. Such excitement!

I thought a poll would be fun, so please vote on the top left hand side of my blog. Thanks!


  1. nice! Good luck with the scan Kate... I think boy xx

  2. So exciting! The kids can't wait to find out. :) x x x x

    1. I'll let ya's know when I know :)

  3. Good luck with the scan :)