Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I've been seeing these posts all over the blog world for a goodly while now. Today I saw it on Delirious Rhapsody, and since I had some free time at work, thought I'd participate too. So... 

Loving: Being pregnant! It was awful the first few months, but now that it’s settled down and I can eat again and not spend half the day bent over the toilet I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun to think about how our lives are on the brink of enormous change and the little person who’s about to join our family and what she’s going to be like, who she’ll look like and what sort of parents we’re going to be. Lee, obviously, he's a wonderful husband! Ready meals from Marks and Spencer, seriously, they are yummy…especially the chilli con carne with extra lashings of sour cream. That our house is coming along so nicely and we've pretty much bought all the furniture we need except for a few more bits and bobs and accessories for here and there. Working in the city centre and how handy it is to pop out during the day for a wee dander about the shops.

Reading: I’ve been pretty slack when it comes to reading lately. My sister sent me ‘Charlotte Sometimes’ as part of my birthday present. It’s a kiddie book and therefore light-hearted and doesn’t require any thought whatsoever. I have a pretty bad concentration span lately.

Watching: Same goes for telly. When in charge of the remote control, I’m likely to look for ‘I didn’t know I was pregnant’, ‘Obese and Pregnant’ or anything else trashy and mindless. But most evenings I can be found slumped in front of ‘Big Bang Theory’ and whatever cookery shows are on, most recently ‘The Roux Legacy’.

Anticipating/Awaiting: The end of September when I go off on maternity leave; the beginning of November and our wee baby’s birthday; hearing back from the Home Office about my application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. I’m really hoping they don’t send me home to South Africa!

Listening to: Absolute Classic rock on the radio, or if I'm alone, Absolute classic 90’s.

Planning: How to decorate the nursery.

Working on: Getting through the next ten weeks of work; not becoming obese and um, my pelvic floor muscles, sorry tmi.

Wishing: My family didn’t live across three continents and I could see them all more than once a year; I could drink a big glass of wine; the sun would shine consistently for at least 3 months a year and that it’d be warm sun.

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