Monday, 9 July 2012

The last couple o' days

We got a lovely parcel in the post from Canada! The cutest fluffy bunny, a friendly moose bib and some adorable piglet outfits. Along with the presents we got a lovely and lengthy letter from my niece which made us both laugh out loud in places. Thank you family, we love the presents!
23 week bump and fluffy bunny
Baby O'Boyle has started kicking hard enough for me to see the kicks now. She's getting pretty strong.

We've been to Ikea and bought a whole lot of stuff!
This is how our bedroom currently looks
We bought a wardrobe for our bedroom and bedside cabinets, a chest of drawers for the spare room, a coffee table for the living room, a breakfast bar and stools for the kitchen, a rug for our entrance hall and the baby's changing unit! The cot we wanted was out of stock, so we're going back for that maybe this weekend. We also got a few other bits and bobs for the nursery.

Lee's mom helped to hang our new bedroom curtains. It's amazing how big a difference curtains alone can make to a room!

My appetite has come back. I could barely finish a main course at a restaurant in the past, but lately I've been managing to put away three courses. We don't eat out often, so thankfully I'm not exposed to stodgy puddings regularly!*

*I'm ravenous, I could put away a sticky toffee pudding right now.

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