Sunday, 22 July 2012

Another post about our weekend

We've had such a good weekend. Lee's cousin Claire got married on Friday and we were invited to the evening reception. It was so lovely to see everyone and have an excuse to dress up and go out. I'll do a separate post about the wedding soon(ish). It was all so pretty and we had such a great time chatting to the family and seeing all the kids and new babies. We only got to bed at around three in the morning with all the extended goodbyes and then more chatting back at the house with cups of tea and slices of cheesy toast.

We went back the following day to get our car that was still at Galgorm; me and Lee, his mom and dad and uncle Joe and since we were all there and it was lunch time we decided to try out the new Italian restaurant Fratelli. We just shared a couple of pizzas between us, and the goats cheese one was wonderful. What was also wonderful was the outside seating area with heated seats! I was in heaven, obviously.

Also, we've gone and bought the paint for the nursery along with some other baby things.

It's been a good and productive weekend and I've been feeling pretty darn happy, I'm a lucky girl :) And we've still got the whole evening sprawling out before us.

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