Monday, 27 August 2012

Thirty weeks pictures

30 weeks seems like a good time to add a bunch of cheesily posed photos of the bump, doesn't it? I'm fast outgrowing the last of my clothes that have fitted up until now, and pretty soon, I think I'm going to have to start wearing Lee's clothes. He, however, reckons he doesn't have anything big enough. Hmph.

We've had a pretty quiet weekend and have just been enjoying laying about and relaxing. I'd better make the most of these quiet times while they last. I doubt that after November, I'll ever get a chance to be bored again.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Syrupy oat crunchies & a 29 week bump

I'd been thinking about and fancying the crunchies my mom makes and since I didn't have the recipe (yet) ahem ma...I took a looksee online and found the below recipe. Only now that I'm looking through it again, I realize I made a mistake or two. I'm blaming baby brain. Anyway, they turned out really well despite my mistakes.

310 ml (1 ¼ cups) Flour
310 ml (1 ¼ cups) Breakfast Oats
310 ml (1 ¼ cups) Coconut
185 ml ( ¾ cups) Sugar
20 ml (4 tsp) Golden Syrup
125 ml ( ½ cup) Butter OR Margarine
5 ml (1 tsp) Bicarbonate of Soda
45–60 ml Boiling Water

  • Combine the dry ingredients.
  • Melt the Golden Syrup and butter together. Combine the bicarbonate of soda with the water and add to the butter mixture.
  • Mix together with the dry ingredients.
  • Press the mixture into a Swiss Roll tin (or for a thicker crunchie, bake in a square 20 cm x 20 cm tin) and bake for 20 minutes at 150°C. Gently press down the sides if they seem to rise too much.
  • When light brown, remove from the oven and cut into squares. Switch off the oven. Return the crunchies to the oven for about 10 minutes to dry out.

Allow to cool before removing from the tin.

I made these on Sunday and we've eaten them all already. Oh dear.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Date night in the city

Lee and I hadn't been out for a meal in Belfast in what seems like ages. We thought it was time to treat ourselves, so we booked a table at James Street South Bar & Grill. We went once before for my birthday when Leanne was visiting from England and Lee's been talking about it ever since. It was just as good the second time around, and I love how the menu has options for small plates of food as well as large, as these days I just can't seem to eat a normal sized plate of food without filling up half way a quarter way through it. Space is getting tight in there.

After our meal we took a stroll through the city, it was such a beautiful evening and the day had been so warm and sunny! Belfast city hall was showing Singing in the Rain on the big screen in their grounds and the grass was filled with picnic blankets and deck chairs and the folk of Belfast munching on pop corn enjoying the film and good weather. We sat for a while to kill some time before our bus was due. 

Belfast is such a cool city and it's even nicer when it's not raining. Why can't we have more warm days?

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sunday lunch (Come dine part 2)

We were invited to have lunch with Aidan and Carri-Ann on Sunday. It was the follow up meal in our 'come dine with me' Sundays and oh my, Aidan outdid himself. We ate well, the company was good, we laughed lots, we had a merry ol' time. Scroll down further in the pictures for the menu and what we ate.

That's non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice in my wine glass...

 The 'Rise' sculpture taken from the taxi window on the way home

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Picnic at Crawfordsburn Country Park

We took our left overs from yesterdays bbq, some potato salad and a couple of drink and drove over to Crawfordsburn. It was such a sunny day (in our back yard) but by the time we'd set up our little picnic it had clouded over and a chilly wind had picked up. We braced ourselves against the weather and ate our lunch, but we didn't stick around for long and went home to our own sunny garden. 

Lee's folks popped in and brought us more kitchen cupboards (hooray!) and some sweet little clothes for the baby. Also, the nursery is painted and the cot assembled...exciting! And now we're just catching up on some Olympic telly time. What're we going to do when the Olympics are over??

Mmmh, boerewors roll and spicy chakalaka!

Friday, 10 August 2012

The last few days in pictures

Lee started painting the nursery, I drove up a very windy hill with a friend over-looking Newtownabbey, some fresh graffiti around the corner from my office, we got a hot Friday afternoon so we had a braai! How enormous is my belly now? And Lee bought me roses :)

I've been pretty scarce on here lately, mostly our evenings have involved a lot of telly time watching the Olympics which ends in me falling asleep only to be woken a couple of hours later to go to bed. I've been sleeping a lot. Well, everyone always says to make the most of your rest and sleep now because when the baby comes I won't get a good nights sleep for probably the next 18 years. And anyone who knows me knows how I feel about that!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

An evening, clearly well spent

I apologise for the poor photo quality below. I don't have any pictures of Lee as a child except for this photo of a photo (of a photo)...

Anyway. Between watching the swimming and gymnastics on the telly last night, I put these pictures together to see what baby O'Boyle might look like. 

Such fun! 

Lee says I'm a weirdo but he did laugh too.