Sunday, 19 August 2012

Date night in the city

Lee and I hadn't been out for a meal in Belfast in what seems like ages. We thought it was time to treat ourselves, so we booked a table at James Street South Bar & Grill. We went once before for my birthday when Leanne was visiting from England and Lee's been talking about it ever since. It was just as good the second time around, and I love how the menu has options for small plates of food as well as large, as these days I just can't seem to eat a normal sized plate of food without filling up half way a quarter way through it. Space is getting tight in there.

After our meal we took a stroll through the city, it was such a beautiful evening and the day had been so warm and sunny! Belfast city hall was showing Singing in the Rain on the big screen in their grounds and the grass was filled with picnic blankets and deck chairs and the folk of Belfast munching on pop corn enjoying the film and good weather. We sat for a while to kill some time before our bus was due. 

Belfast is such a cool city and it's even nicer when it's not raining. Why can't we have more warm days?

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