Saturday, 22 September 2012

Pictures from our day in Belfast

Lee and I spent the day together in Belfast. We'd gotten up early and got the bus so that we could have our breakfast at St George's Market. I just really fancied an apple and cinnamon crepe and Lee had the works on his, cheese, egg, garlic mushrooms, tomato and more. It was obvious that autumn is here, the air was chilly and everyone was wrapped up and there was a buzz of festivities on their way.

We browsed the stalls, chatted and drank coffee before moving on to do some more strolling around the city. We lunched at Nick's Warehouse where we've both been wanting to eat for ages but never got around to before now. I had the loveliest chickpea falafel and finished off with lime cheesecake. Oooo yum!

I love days like these, quality time with my Lee, wrapped up warm, and full of good food.

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