Monday, 29 October 2012

All the leaves are brown...

It's looking pretty autumnal around here, although the trees at the back of our garden didn't even have the decency to turn all yellow and orange and golden. They just fell off the trees and have been messing up the lawn. Hmph.

The days are moving surprisingly quickly and before we know it we'll have our wee baby to hold. I'm not too impatient (yet) but ask me again in 8 days time which is babies official due date.

I'm thankful that I'm still feeling pretty well and for all the cute things Lee says and does. He won't let me do anything, has been helping me put on my boots for weeks, brings me food and drinks and snacks, and lately has been talking to my belly telling the baby that it's okay and we're ready for her to come now.

We're both so excited :)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

The weekend in Instagram

We had Craig and Charlotte visiting us from London this weekend so we (Lee) got to be tour guides again. I passed on the meal at Mourne Seafood bar and the mini pub tour on Friday night. I'm not so good with late nights and small noisy environments filled with drunk people just at the moment ;)

We breakfasted at St Georges Market again and had crepes from the chatty French man before getting picked up for our Black Taxi Tour of the Falls and Shankill Road murals.Our guide was friendly and had lots to tell us about the areas around the city. Just like every other taxi driver he looked uncertainly at my protruding belly and commented about not wanting to deliver a baby on the side of the road. It didn't stop him from flying over speed bumps though. Sigh.

We lunched at Nicks Warehouse and suppered at Indian Ocean...we ate so much! And we walked along the Lagan, posed by the big fish and drove up to the big cranes.

We've had a lovely weekend, probably the last one entertaining and socialising for a wee while I'd say. The next couple I think we're just going to be hanging around and waiting to see when this little one decides to arrive.

Here some Instagrams I took this weekend. I'm loving my new phone Lee bought for me to replace the one that got rain wrecked the other day. Thanks again Lee!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Slowing down & putting my feet up

These past few days I've been feeling like it's time to slow down and put my feet up more. Lee's been telling me to take it easy for weeks months already and I'm ready to listen to him now. Two days of appointments/shopping/visiting in Ballymena last week was enough to make me realize this!

I saw the midwife on Thursday and she was happy with the progress we're making. I did a wee spot of shopping, getting the final things (chocolate) for my hospital bag. I got my hair cut. I went with Janette and mother in law to get little James his injections. I visited the girls at NI Water and we ate a lot of cake. I did some more shopping and got caught in the rain which wrecked my mobile phone.

By the time I got home all I could do was flop on to the couch and nap for a couple of hours until Lee came home.

This is what 37 weeks looks like, like I stuffed a football up my hoodie.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Leanne comes to visit

Leanne was over this weekend. We picked her up on Friday evening and we spent the evening on the couch chatting and catching up. On Saturday morning we breakfasted at St Georges Market (it's becoming a new tradition) and had crepes and coffee and bought tarts from the Italian bakery stall for our tea later in the day.

We had a table at Cayenne booked for dinner and being Belfast Food Week we got to have a chat with Paul Rankin who was going round to all the tables. 

On Sunday we spent the day driving around the North Coast, stopping in at Cushendun and meeting Lee's parents in Ballintoy before heading back for pizza at Fratelli's at Galgorm and taking Leanne back to the airport.

It was a lovely weekend and tiring too! It's definitely time to start slowing down!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Watching: Homeland! Oh my goodness it's so good. We hadn't seen the first season, so over the weekend we sat and watched all 12 episodes of season 1 so that we could start season 2 which was starting on Sunday evening. I don't usually watch telly like that, mostly, I kind of half heartedly watch while I'm sitting online...but oh no, not with Homeland. Also, all the day time pregnancy shows 'Pregnant and a Drug Dealer', 'Pregnant and 55',  'Pregnant and a Hoarder'...there're lots of them! Such fun!

Loving: Maternity leave so far. It's been great being at home and 'nesting'. I've managed to do so much since being off work. I'm also loving knowing that I'm in the final few weeks of being pregnant. I've had it pretty easy, but I've gotten so big now that I'm kind of ready to just have this baby now!

Looking forward to: The next two weekends. Leanne is coming over this weekend and the weekend after that, Lee's friend Craig and his girlfriend are coming to stay. We have breakfast at St. Georges Market planned as well as Black Taxi tours and nice dinners booked. Obviously, I'm also looking forward to November (or maybe even the end of October...maybe) when we finally get to meet this little one! This squirmy wriggly little baby that seems to never sleep and jabs me with little feet, hands and elbows all of the time. 

Reading: Nothing right now. I'm feeling fairly uninspired when it comes to reading lately. I could really do with some good book suggestions! It's great that Leanne is coming over too, 'cos she can always recommend a good book!

Making me happy: Weekends and evenings spent on the couch with Lee while he holds my foot/rubs my shoulders. Spending time with my sister in law and our sweet little nephew, he's such a charmer! Visits from friends who bring lots of cake! 

Friday, 5 October 2012

Maternity Leave - week 1

This has been my first week off work on maternity leave. It's gone by pretty fast! I'd like to say that the house is spotless and that Lee has been greeted by a three course meal every evening on his return from work, but alas...

I have been tidying and sorting through cupboards and rooms, washing laundry, ironing everything including bedsheets, washing floors...but the house just looks the same. I've also been watching trashy day time telly and making myself pancakes for my (second) breakfast. I have to kind of remind myself (and so does Lee [bless him]) that I'm supposed to be taking it easy and relaxing before I'll nevah get a chance to rest again.

I want to go out shopping, I want a pedicure, I want to buy skinny jeans that aren't elasticated, I want to be able to get off the couch without help and I want a poached egg with a runny yolk on buttery toast. But I'm so damn big that I'm starting to feel like I don't really want to be seen out in public anymore. I don't want strangers to keep telling me I look like I'm about to pop and raise their eyebrows when I say I still have at least 5 weeks left. 


I'll leave you with these pictures I put together from the last few months. How I've grown. I'm not sure I want to be posting any of my 35 weeks plus photos!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

a 'happy' list

things that are making me happy this week:

finishing up at work and getting such a nice and unexpected send off
hearing our wee babes strong heartbeat at my midwife appointment on thursday
long distance phone calls to my ma and pa back home
shopping trips in ballymena with mother in law
my new incredibly comfy and warm boots
weekend drives around the coast when the weather is warm and the sky is blue
home cooked sunday lunch with good friends
news that one of my bestest friends is coming to visit me next month
my new chunky cardigans

...and now I'm looking forward to a restful last few weeks before the baby arrives :)