Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Watching: Homeland! Oh my goodness it's so good. We hadn't seen the first season, so over the weekend we sat and watched all 12 episodes of season 1 so that we could start season 2 which was starting on Sunday evening. I don't usually watch telly like that, mostly, I kind of half heartedly watch while I'm sitting online...but oh no, not with Homeland. Also, all the day time pregnancy shows 'Pregnant and a Drug Dealer', 'Pregnant and 55',  'Pregnant and a Hoarder'...there're lots of them! Such fun!

Loving: Maternity leave so far. It's been great being at home and 'nesting'. I've managed to do so much since being off work. I'm also loving knowing that I'm in the final few weeks of being pregnant. I've had it pretty easy, but I've gotten so big now that I'm kind of ready to just have this baby now!

Looking forward to: The next two weekends. Leanne is coming over this weekend and the weekend after that, Lee's friend Craig and his girlfriend are coming to stay. We have breakfast at St. Georges Market planned as well as Black Taxi tours and nice dinners booked. Obviously, I'm also looking forward to November (or maybe even the end of October...maybe) when we finally get to meet this little one! This squirmy wriggly little baby that seems to never sleep and jabs me with little feet, hands and elbows all of the time. 

Reading: Nothing right now. I'm feeling fairly uninspired when it comes to reading lately. I could really do with some good book suggestions! It's great that Leanne is coming over too, 'cos she can always recommend a good book!

Making me happy: Weekends and evenings spent on the couch with Lee while he holds my foot/rubs my shoulders. Spending time with my sister in law and our sweet little nephew, he's such a charmer! Visits from friends who bring lots of cake! 

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