Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Slowing down & putting my feet up

These past few days I've been feeling like it's time to slow down and put my feet up more. Lee's been telling me to take it easy for weeks months already and I'm ready to listen to him now. Two days of appointments/shopping/visiting in Ballymena last week was enough to make me realize this!

I saw the midwife on Thursday and she was happy with the progress we're making. I did a wee spot of shopping, getting the final things (chocolate) for my hospital bag. I got my hair cut. I went with Janette and mother in law to get little James his injections. I visited the girls at NI Water and we ate a lot of cake. I did some more shopping and got caught in the rain which wrecked my mobile phone.

By the time I got home all I could do was flop on to the couch and nap for a couple of hours until Lee came home.

This is what 37 weeks looks like, like I stuffed a football up my hoodie.

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  1. The only part of you that's gone bigger is your belly!!!! The weight Gods clearly favour you!