Sunday, 21 October 2012

The weekend in Instagram

We had Craig and Charlotte visiting us from London this weekend so we (Lee) got to be tour guides again. I passed on the meal at Mourne Seafood bar and the mini pub tour on Friday night. I'm not so good with late nights and small noisy environments filled with drunk people just at the moment ;)

We breakfasted at St Georges Market again and had crepes from the chatty French man before getting picked up for our Black Taxi Tour of the Falls and Shankill Road murals.Our guide was friendly and had lots to tell us about the areas around the city. Just like every other taxi driver he looked uncertainly at my protruding belly and commented about not wanting to deliver a baby on the side of the road. It didn't stop him from flying over speed bumps though. Sigh.

We lunched at Nicks Warehouse and suppered at Indian Ocean...we ate so much! And we walked along the Lagan, posed by the big fish and drove up to the big cranes.

We've had a lovely weekend, probably the last one entertaining and socialising for a wee while I'd say. The next couple I think we're just going to be hanging around and waiting to see when this little one decides to arrive.

Here some Instagrams I took this weekend. I'm loving my new phone Lee bought for me to replace the one that got rain wrecked the other day. Thanks again Lee!!