Friday, 30 November 2012

A trip to the park

Saturday night, while Lee's mom looked after Amy, Lee and I got to go for pizza at our favourite pizza place in Ballymena, Milanos for dinner. It was so nice for us to not have to rush our meal and have a proper conversation again!

On Sunday Amy, her nanna and I took a walk to the park. It was really chilly and we were bundled up warm. It was so foggy too that our hair was covered in fine dewy drops and Amy steamed up the rain cover on her buggy.

I love all the autumn colours.
teeny tiny hand

Friday, 23 November 2012


Little Amy was three weeks old yesterday. We'd had a bit of a sleepless night the night before so the two of us had a bit of a 'babymoon'. We pretty much stayed in bed for most of the day, cuddling, feeding, chatting and singing...and trying to take whatever amount of sleep that was going (not a lot!)

I also got to put her in her frilly pants :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Attempting mobile blogging...

...because the baby is eating and I can't reach my netbook.

Amy lady is not a fan of her moses basket. She's not awfully fond of her carry cot either but it seems easier to trick her to sleep in it at night. And when I say easy, I mean two hours of feeding, burping, rocking, singing , mopping up the spew in my new (glorious) cleavage and waiting for her to be in a deep enough sleep before gently lowering her into it while holding my breath and hoping and praying she carries on sleeping for the next three hours before it's time to do it all again.
She's adorable though!

A few things have happened non-baby related this past week. I finally got my visa to stay on in the U.K permanently...yay indefinite leave to remain!!

Also, we've booked a family holiday to Tuscany for next year, and although its still a year away, I'm so damn excited to be going to Italy!!

That, of course opens up a whole lot of other visa related problems.

Flip sake.

Oh, the joys of the green passport!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

16 days

Daddy went back to work on Wednesday. It's definitely more fun when he's around, but we're getting on alright, just me and Amy. We had a bad day on Thursday. Little miss didn't sleep on Wednesday night or all day on Thursday. At some point in the day, we both just sat and cried for a little while. It got better though and since then, she's been the perfect angel. And thank goodness for that, because Thursday was rough!

Watching South Africa v Ireland with daddy
Hooray for boobies! Just sayin' ;)
Teeny tiny foot
I'm finally beginning to feel 'normal' again after wee Amy lady's birth. Wednesday was the first day that I could walk without saying 'ouch! ouch! ouch!'.

I can't believe she's over 2 weeks old already. She's grown 3cms and regained her birth weight and now weighs 6lb 13oz, although that was a few days ago when the health visitor weighed and measured her. She's pretty much outgrown her 'newborn' baby grows, which  makes me sad, because she was so darn cute in them!

Friday, 9 November 2012

While the baby sleeps...

The days are all passing by in a blur and I don't want to forget anything. I've been taking hundreds of photos and trying to capture just everything. We're tired but we're happy and we're having the best time. We're loving all the kisses and cuddles with our baby. These past few days have been just wonderful.
Amy loves music, especially when Lee plays for her. She loves Tom Petty and The Weepies and falls asleep to them at night time. It's just as well we like Tom Petty and The Weepies too! ;)
Flowers from nanna and granda sitting on our dining room table
 Early morning cuddles and chats.

We've had visitors and presents, a hundred messages of well wishes, skype sessions with the family scattered  across the continents, flowers and biscuits and cakes. It's been overwhelming, emotional and tiring but I've loved every minute.

Monday, 5 November 2012

These two

These two are the sweetest thing. 

Wee Amy lady can't get enough of her daddy's guitar playing and singing. 
He's found his biggest fan in her for sure! We've been having a fair few sing songs around here!

It's so cute watching the two of them together. Daddy chooses the best toys for Amy and they have so much fun together. 

I love our little family. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Welcome baby...

Little miss O'Boyle joined the world on Thursday morning. Since then we've been enjoying snuggles and cuddles with our baby while trying to figure out life with a tiny newborn. We're very much in love!

Lots more to come...