Saturday, 17 November 2012

16 days

Daddy went back to work on Wednesday. It's definitely more fun when he's around, but we're getting on alright, just me and Amy. We had a bad day on Thursday. Little miss didn't sleep on Wednesday night or all day on Thursday. At some point in the day, we both just sat and cried for a little while. It got better though and since then, she's been the perfect angel. And thank goodness for that, because Thursday was rough!

Watching South Africa v Ireland with daddy
Hooray for boobies! Just sayin' ;)
Teeny tiny foot
I'm finally beginning to feel 'normal' again after wee Amy lady's birth. Wednesday was the first day that I could walk without saying 'ouch! ouch! ouch!'.

I can't believe she's over 2 weeks old already. She's grown 3cms and regained her birth weight and now weighs 6lb 13oz, although that was a few days ago when the health visitor weighed and measured her. She's pretty much outgrown her 'newborn' baby grows, which  makes me sad, because she was so darn cute in them!

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