Monday, 19 November 2012

Attempting mobile blogging...

...because the baby is eating and I can't reach my netbook.

Amy lady is not a fan of her moses basket. She's not awfully fond of her carry cot either but it seems easier to trick her to sleep in it at night. And when I say easy, I mean two hours of feeding, burping, rocking, singing , mopping up the spew in my new (glorious) cleavage and waiting for her to be in a deep enough sleep before gently lowering her into it while holding my breath and hoping and praying she carries on sleeping for the next three hours before it's time to do it all again.
She's adorable though!

A few things have happened non-baby related this past week. I finally got my visa to stay on in the U.K permanently...yay indefinite leave to remain!!

Also, we've booked a family holiday to Tuscany for next year, and although its still a year away, I'm so damn excited to be going to Italy!!

That, of course opens up a whole lot of other visa related problems.

Flip sake.

Oh, the joys of the green passport!

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