Wednesday, 5 December 2012

This week

This weekend we paid a visit to the christmas continental market. It was Amy's first Belfast experience and she slept through all of it. The market was hell, so busy you could only shuffle your feet to get anywhere. Oh how I hate crowds! We drank some mulled wine and had a big German sausage and then we left to take Amy home for her dinner.

Sunday night was difficult. Amy was so unsettled and none of us got too much sleep. Monday was tough. We got through it and yesterday and today I took back some control! I'm making sure I get my shower in the morning and I'm making time to eat (a lot).

Yesterday and today I managed to do some work around the house, take Amy out for walks, nap a little myself and answer a few messages. I feel victorious. Hooray!

 Lee got feeding Amy for the first time. She looks like a little doll :)
It's so difficult to find the time to post anything on my blog anymore. I have so many photos and so much I want to write about...but the baby is stirring from her sleep and I'd better go to her.

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  1. You are doing so well, I can't imagine how difficult it must be!! :) xx