Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas 2013

We drove over to Ballymena for Christmas on Christmas eve in the afternoon. Lee had an exam in the morning and we had to go past Donegore to pick up the turkey on our way over. 

Shane, Janette and James arrived before lunch time and we all sat down to our turkey, stuffing, and lots of veggies and gravy. I'd been looking forward to Amy having a big plate of Christmas lunch, but most of her food ended up on the floor. We were both still bad with a tummy bug.

We opened up presents quite a bit after lunch. There were far too many toys, boxes and sheets of ripped wrapping paper strewn around the living room. The kids were both hyper and having a lot of fun.

We had boxing day at aunty Colettes in Armoy, the whole family filling up that big house. There were a lot more babies and children this year!

We got back home again yesterday and since Amy and I are both feeling a whole lot better, we've been making up for our missed lunch by filling up on left overs and Quality Streets.

Monday, 23 December 2013

A few festive instagrams

hot chocolate with Carri-Ann
we took Amy to Hillside garden centre to see their festive displays 
I didn't bake enough mince pies

little teddy bear

It's been pretty cold around here. I picked up a bit of a bug and have been feeling even colder and fairly sorry for myself. I think Amy's been feeling it too, she's just been wanting to be held and cuddled, and I don't mind that at all. My little snuggles.

We're heading to Ballymena tomorrow. We're picking up a big free-range, awarding-winning turkey from Donegore on our way over and Lee's going to be cooking the huge feast again. I'm looking forward to feeling well enough to eat again and seeing Amy tuck in to a big plate of roast meat, veggies and gravy :-)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Lee's big birthday weekend

On Monday we celebrated Lee's big 30th birthday. The celebrations began on Thursday when we left Amy with her nana in Ballymena and checked in to Galgorm Resort and Spa. We had our meal in the River Room, spent some time in the outdoor hot tub and in the spa. Galgorm is definitely one of our favorite places! 

On Sunday we had a family meal out in Ballymena and on Monday Amy got to spend some more time with her nana while Lee and I stayed over in The Merchant hotel in Belfast. Time was spent in the rooftop jacuzzi, drinking sherry cocktails in the bar and eating in the Great Room. We visited the Christmas market, ate bratwursts, drank snow beer and just had a lovely time. Ooh, and had a little lie lovely not to have to get up at half past five!

Before we got the bus back home we stopped in to Patisserie Mimi, a new little patisserie next to The Merchant. We were picking up some macaroons for Aidan and Carri-Ann and some bread for ourselves. 

It's a lovely little shop, but I love that it's called 'mimi', Amy's name for me :-)

It was so good to have some time away in the country and then in the city but I did miss having a little person trying to climb up my leg crying 'mimimimimi....'

Happy birthday Lee!!!

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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Why do we buy her toys when she prefers to play with bits of wood? She was also running around with (licking?!) the watering can!
We played in the garden for ages this morning. Then Amy fell and cried and cried and only wanted to bury her face in my neck and be held and comforted. It was all forgotten about when I put a plate of scrambled egg, beans and cheesy toast in front of her, with a sippy cup of warm rooibos to wash it down.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Where's bunny?

I asked where her bunny was. 
I just love the way she holds up her hand whenever I ask her where anything is.

(Bunny was lying on the floor in the hallway)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A day in November

It's been a bit quiet around here lately.
Our days go by so quickly and I'm never really sure what we have to show for them. 
Today I thought I'd just take pictures of a regular day, one where we were just around the house.

Amy woke later than, an hour later than usual, at 6:20! Unless I was so fast asleep I just didn't hear her over the monitor and she just went back to sleep again, but that's unlikely.

When she woke from her morning nap at 10, I got her bundled up all warm and cosy and we played outside on her bunny ride-on. She loves to go whizzing up and down the driveway.

At 12 we had lunch. Amy had cheesy brown pasta, 2 fish fingers and peas. Before that she'd been playing with the plastic mixing bowls and measuring cups which made me want to bake something. I mixed up some batter for a cottage pudding, a simple sponge pudding my mom used to always make with me and Yvonne when we were little. I popped it in the oven, warmed up some custard and by the time Amy had finished her lunch it was ready. 

Aunty Kerri stopped over on her way to university with some post and my wellies that were at the house in Ballymena and visited while Amy devoured her pudding. I'm sure she's having a growth spurt...all that eating and sleeping lately!

Amy brought me her caterpillar book and asked me to read it, so we cuddled on the couch and read her book a couple of times. We played upstairs for a while and then it was time for another nap.

After her nap we took a walk over to the shops, mostly just for some fresh air and a leg stretch. When we got home I got dinner started and Amy played with her toys in the hallway.
Dinner time :-) Chicken, chips, beans and sweetcorn...followed by more cottage pudding. Amy usually feeds herself with her hands, but this evening she seems to have almost mastered using a spoon :-)
Bath time! I'll just save those photos for the album...
Story and bedtime. Lee read a few of Amy's library books and then to bed. 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Amy's 1st birthday party part 2

We had Amy's birthday party yesterday. Lee's parents, Shane & Janette & James, Kerri & Stephen and Carri-Ann came over to sing happy birthday and eat lots of party food and cake.

Aunty Kerri got Amy this big comfy rocking bee which has been pretty difficult to get her off since she unwrapped the box.

I think she had a good day. I did :-) The only thing that would have made it better would be if my own ma and pa and the Canadian side of the family were there.