Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snow days

The snow is still falling. On Monday morning it was fairly evident we were snowed in and weren't going anywhere. Later in the morning the snow plough came round and cleared the roads enough for Lee to move the car back on to the drive way and gave us some time to decide what to do. We ended up packing a bag and heading to Ballymena for two nights so that Lee could get to work. There was hardly any snow on the ground there.
Yesterday we visited with Janette and James and together with nana we walked to the Peoples Park. Amy slept and James enjoyed the ducks and swans. 

 Unprepared - Amy has one of James blankets and I'm wearing Shanes hat.
 duck bum!

We came home early this morning and it's started snowing again. Ah dear!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Our snowy weekend

It started snowing on Friday. Lee was on his way home from work and his mom was coming to see us on her way back from Belfast. The snow got so bad that people started abandoning their cars on the road on the way up to our estate and mother-in-law couldn't get her car through. Lee had to go out in the snow on foot to find her and get her car parked some place safe before someone else drove in to her. The two of them got back to the house soaked and freezing. Mother-in-law stayed the night and went home on Saturday morning when the snow had stopped falling. 

It's been snowing on and off since then and everything is under a blanket of thick snow. It hasn't snowed like this since that bad winter a couple of years ago and I'm hoping to get out and make snow angels and throw a few snow balls and maybe even make a snow man!

Amy's still too little to go out in weather like this, so I had to show her through our back door. And then once she was asleep, I got to go out and feel the crunch under my boots :)
 Amy 11 weeks & 3 days

Thursday, 17 January 2013

eleven weeks

She does enjoy her toys!

Yesterday Amy & me, her nana, aunty Janette & James went shopping. Amy slept through the outing as usual only wakening to have her lunch in the food court, where a mother and daughter at the table next to us complimented us on the breastfeeding. And there I'd been expecting negative comments.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

A photo dump

smiley Amy
 Amy's first trip to St Georges Market - she slept through it while we ate crêpes and listened to the band.

 Wrapped up in her snow suit. I still haven't put photos in those frames...
Watching Saturday Kitchen with Lee
Bath time!

Friday, 11 January 2013

This past week

Amy's really settling down into a (almost) routine. She's sleeping (a little) bit better, napping for longer during the day, playing with her toys and paying more attention to the things around her. She's been having great fun in her Fisher Price rocker/vibrating chair with the hanging toys. She's able to entertain herself for a good while now batting away at the lion, turtle and elephant.
All wrapped up before our daily walk.

On Sunday Aidan and Carri-Ann visited and brought this cd for Amy...
I bought a small portable cd player for her nursery and we started listening to her Foo Fighters this morning while I was changing/dressing her. Such fun! I just have to get myself the lullaby renditions of the Smashing Pumpkins now :)

On Tuesday mother in law, Janette and wee James came to visit us. We all walked down the road to the new bakery that's opened up and bought sausage rolls and cupcakes, brought them back to the house and stuffed our faces.

On Wednesday evening we went in to Belfast for Lee to get some holiday clothes at the House of Fraser. Amy slept through most of it but by the time we were ready for our impromptu date night at Nandos, she'd woken up and was getting demanding, and loud. So we went home and had a bowl of soup instead. 

I picked up the book I started reading just before Amy was born. I started reading the Time Travellers Wife a couple of days before she arrived and haven't had a chance to look at it since. I get to read now while she's eating. It's great to be reading again :)

I've gone back to swimming again. It's been so long since mother in law, Janette and I would go swimming in Ballymena. Cousin in law Donna and I have been going swimming once a week and I'm thoroughly enjoying the exercise, chat and getting out of the house a bit. And I'm really hoping it helps shrink my jelly belly!

I can't believe our baby is 10 weeks old. Life is finally settling down a little and I'm starting to feel more sane and stable. Christmas and new years is behind us and we're now on the countdown to our South African holiday coming up really soon now!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Bath time & giggles

It was really tempting to add some of the adorable bath photos, but I won't do that to my baby! Instead, here are some wrapped up in a towel after bath time photos :) She does enjoy a bath! I'm sure cousin James doesn't mind that she used his towel.

Amy had her first set of vaccinations yesterday. We took a walk over to the doctors and besides getting an injection in both thighs she had to have some excess tissue burnt off her belly button. Poor little girl had a bad day! She screamed the doctors surgery down but by the time we got home she was incredibly pleasant and full of smiles and stories.

This morning too, she's just been lying in her crib chatting away and giggling. Our little girl gets sweeter every day.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Oh hello 2013

Lee and I went out for pizza and a bottle of wine and saw the new year in with a glass of fizzy grape juice and Jools Holland on the telly. Amy had her bottle of milky and then went to sleep in the living room.

We're back home after a week and a half in Ballymena with the family. It was great having a few extra hands helping out with Amy and Lee and I are both a lot more rested. Amy's a lot more settled and is 'chatting' and smiling loads now. Her little 'coohs' and 'aaah's' are adorable.

I love our girl.