Sunday, 20 January 2013

Our snowy weekend

It started snowing on Friday. Lee was on his way home from work and his mom was coming to see us on her way back from Belfast. The snow got so bad that people started abandoning their cars on the road on the way up to our estate and mother-in-law couldn't get her car through. Lee had to go out in the snow on foot to find her and get her car parked some place safe before someone else drove in to her. The two of them got back to the house soaked and freezing. Mother-in-law stayed the night and went home on Saturday morning when the snow had stopped falling. 

It's been snowing on and off since then and everything is under a blanket of thick snow. It hasn't snowed like this since that bad winter a couple of years ago and I'm hoping to get out and make snow angels and throw a few snow balls and maybe even make a snow man!

Amy's still too little to go out in weather like this, so I had to show her through our back door. And then once she was asleep, I got to go out and feel the crunch under my boots :)
 Amy 11 weeks & 3 days

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