Monday, 25 February 2013


We're heading to South Africa for three weeks of family, friends and hopefully sunshine. 

Posting here will probably be even more limited for a while. Unless of course I manage to escape to the computer every so often...but I'm sure my marmee will want to cuddle with Amy ;)

A few photos before bedtime (at half seven, yes)

I've had complaints about the lack of posts and photos.

I've been busy/trying to sleep.

Whenever I say that things are getting better/easier, Amy says 'ha!, I don't think so' and decides to waken every hour and a half and refuse naps during the day. Which of course leaves me pulling my hair out/sobbing like a baby myself. That's not much fun for any of us. Poor Lee.

This weekend Amy decided that sleeping was babies and she wasn't going to do all. On Sunday we took her for a walk and Lee managed to keep her sleeping for over 3 hours while I went upstairs to lie down...wide awake. Heartbreaking. Being over-tired isn't wonderful.

Also, she's decided that it's way more fun to look around her than it is to eat. She'll take a few sips, throw her head back and intently study anything nearby. 'Oooh, curtains...I love the curtains...cushions! wow, that's a great cushion!! oh hello ceiling, I love you!!' Thankfully when she throws her head back, she remembers to let go first! Little monkey.

She's doing better with her tummy time. I manage to distract her with music on my mobile phone and she soon forgets she hates lying on her tummy. She also rolled over from her tummy to her back last week for the first time. Clever little girl. Also, this past week every time she's placed on her back, her little legs go straight up in the air and she starts doing mini crunches. She's going to have great abs by the time she finally does manage to sit up!
 Ooh...those are my toes?
We're terrible parents. This is what our evenings look like...on the couch with laptops and the telly. She does love her bunny. We don't really let her watch TV all evening though she does look pretty glued to the screen!

She was at the baby clinic today to get her weight checked. The health visitor had been concerned about her weight at her last visit and wanted it checked before we go away on holiday. The nurse was happy with her weight gain and was impressed with how nicely she is covered for an exclusively breast fed baby and also how healthy and alert she is.

Hooray for a happy, healthy, chubby thighed baby!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

She probably wont thank me for these...

Lee's mom found this little knitted bonnet in a charity shop. It makes me laugh!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A looksee at Amy's room

I love Amy's room. We spend a lot of our afternoons sitting on that chair reading stories, feeding and napping and listening to lullabys.

Soft toys on her changing table.

I loved Enid Blyton growing up, I hope Amy will too.
Our little chicken - 14 weeks old and smiley :)

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Last weekend & this one

 A few (blurry) photos from the ballet last weekend at the Grand Opera House.

Lee and I had a date night out in the city last night. Lee's mom came over to watch Amy for the night while we went out for a couple of drinks and a meal at Cayenne. We started off with a glass of wine at Nicks Warehouse before heading to the Merchant for a cocktail and a half pint at Kelly's Cellars. It's been so long since I've had anything alcoholic, and ended up a wee bit tipsy. It was great getting out in Belfast again!

Today we've been hanging around the house in our pyjamas, napping on the couch, playing with Amy and watching some telly. I love our weekends when Lee's at home with us :)

Friday, 8 February 2013


I got my hair done yesterday. It'd been months since the last time I'd stepped into a hairdressers. Lee's mom, Janette, and James popped in yesterday and surprised me with a hair appointment made for that afternoon while they looked after Amy (it's obvious that things had gotten that bad!).

It felt like the hairdresser was chopping away forever. And ta-dah...the finished result (after a nights sleeping on it and Amy trying to pull out what's left of it):

 I love cuddles with mah baybeh

We're all excited over here. We're having our pre-Valentines meal tomorrow night while Amy's nana comes to stay. Even more exciting is that in three weeks time we'll be starting our trip to South Africa. Three weeks until three weeks of family, sunshine and Stellenbosch. We can't wait!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Another photo dump...

...cos she's cute even when she's crying.

 She loves her bunny
  She's a flying baby!

Our wee chicken has been sleeping a bit better these past couple of nights. She kinda owes it to us after last week. She's so sweet in her new pyjamas from aunty Donna.

We had a good weekend. I got to go to the Nutcracker at the Grand Opera House with Lee's mom and meet Kerri in the city afterwards for some fried chicken after a little turn about Baby Gap. On Sunday evening the family all met at the Chinese in Ballymena for Lee's dad's birthday. Amy slept through it all only waking as we were leaving. People were telling me what a good baby we have and I must admit, I was impressed. 

Friday, 1 February 2013

Three months

Happy 3 months old little baby!
3 months eh? Goodness me. That's a long time to be sleep deprived!
She had her second set of vaccinations yesterday and it didn't go as well as the first set. Poor little girl cried and cried. Even today, she's been out of sorts and moany. This whole week really has been pretty, what I call, challenging (it is challenging). So I'm glad that it's the weekend and Lee's home :)
I think she might be starting to teethe. She's started blowing bubbles and chomping on her fists and anything else she can get into her mouth.
In other news, Lee surprised me with a new camera last night :) So once I've figured out how to use it, I'm hoping the photo quality here improves a wee bit. More than a wee bit actually, it should improve a whole lot :) Provided I can figure out what I'm doing, of course.