Friday, 8 February 2013


I got my hair done yesterday. It'd been months since the last time I'd stepped into a hairdressers. Lee's mom, Janette, and James popped in yesterday and surprised me with a hair appointment made for that afternoon while they looked after Amy (it's obvious that things had gotten that bad!).

It felt like the hairdresser was chopping away forever. And ta-dah...the finished result (after a nights sleeping on it and Amy trying to pull out what's left of it):

 I love cuddles with mah baybeh

We're all excited over here. We're having our pre-Valentines meal tomorrow night while Amy's nana comes to stay. Even more exciting is that in three weeks time we'll be starting our trip to South Africa. Three weeks until three weeks of family, sunshine and Stellenbosch. We can't wait!

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