Monday, 25 March 2013

We're home (but not really)

Because 'home' is still really in South Africa.

It seems to get more difficult to leave every time we go back there. This time because we were taking Amy away with us again, and I think granny and grandpa were getting fairly fond of her!

Amy seems to have had a growth spurt while we were away, but I'll save that for a 5 months update post.

Some holiday photos...the first instalment of pictures around the house and garden.

My mom got Amy a tiny paddling pool to cool off in. Some days the temperature reached 35 degrees and we were roasting! It was glorious!
One of many evenings sitting outside the lounge with a bottle (or two) of wine. Oh pappa, must you smile like this in all my photos?
One of Lee's favourite things (when he got a few minutes of peace) was to sit out in the lapa with his book and of course, a glass of wine.

We spent a lot more time just around the house this holiday. Amy was getting fed up at the amount of time spent in her car seat and buggy so we tried to limit her time spent in it. She was quite happy just lying on a blanket on the grass in a shady spot or playing with her favourite new toys, her toes.

Now that we're home we're starting a new routine. We fell in to some bad habits while we were away, just so we could all stay sane, really. Amy's been sleeping in bed with us so that we could sleep while on holiday, but tonight she's going in to her big cot and learning to sleep by herself. The next few days/nights should be fun.

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