Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Around here lately

Little Miss Amy has started a bit of solid food! Up until now she has been exclusively breastfed but we felt it was time to introduce a little bit of 'first foods' baby rice. And oh my goodness she loves it! 

Her slightly fuller tummy hasn't, however, helped her to sleep any longer/better. 

Of course it hasn't.

I'm excited to start this next little adventure with her and can't wait to try a whole load of different foods and see her reactions. So brace yourselves for a lot more photos of Amy enjoying (or not so much enjoying) her dinners!

We've been spending lots of time researching towns/villages and restaurants in Tuscany for our October family holiday...ohmygoodness I'm excited for some Italy! October doesn't seem too far away, but when I think that Amy will be almost a year old when we go away, that makes it seem a whole lot longer!

Almost time to start thinking about first birthday parties. I'm going to have to find her some friends!! Oh baby, don't be like your mother...make friends!

In other 'news', the washing machine has packed up, leaving me with a pile of soaking wet stinking clothes and not a notion of what to do with them.


  1. Amy's getting so big! Would you consider babyled weaning her? It works great for breastfed babies. We did it with Teagan and she will eat anything. She loves curry and steak with green peppers lol. I'd highly recommend, it no purees!

    1. She is!!

      I hadn't read too much about baby led weaning. I have now though and I'm kinda scared of handing her stuff she could choke on...she's not quite six months yet. When she's a tiny bit bigger, I will give her lots of things she can smush in her hands and make a mess with though :)

      That's great that Teagan eats everything! :) Hopefully Amy will be a better eater than she is sleeper!!