Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How a typical day looks with an almost 8 month old Amy

Somewhere between 6:30 and 7:30 Amy wakens. I hear her 'chatting' and squealing on the monitor and I try to ignore her and hope she falls back to sleep again. (Ha! Some chance!) I try to open my eyes but they feel glued shut, I shuffle downstairs and stick the kettle on for a cuppa tea. Amy's still upstairs chatting to her bunnies. I go in to her and say 'good morning' and she grins and squeals. She has her milk and we cuddle on her chair and then we play with her toys on the mat in her nursery.

(Somewhere in there I manage to shower and dress myself)

Around 9:00 we go downstairs for breakfast. Amy has half a weet-a-bix with milk and fruit. I eat and pour more tea into me.

9:30 is morning nap time. Amy has more milk and falls asleep listening to her lullaby cd she got from her aunty Janette at Christmas or her African lullaby's granny bought her on her first trip to South Africa or her 'Rockaby Baby' Foo Fighters cd from Carri-Ann.

I go downstairs hoping she naps for longer than 30 minutes. She does! She naps for 40 minutes...Oh Amy.

10:30 I dress Amy and we read a story, sing some songs and play on the mat downstairs. We sit in the garden and watch the windmill go around and go for a walk to the shops. Amy has a little snack or more milk.

13:00 Afternoon nap time. Amy has more milk and she cuddles up with bunnies in her cot and goes to sleep...for another 40 minutes. That's not long enough for a nap Amy!!

14:00 Lunch time. Amy has something I've cooked and frozen followed by some toast fingers with hummus/cheese or some fruit.

14:30 I put her toys in the lounge and she plays on the mat with some Baby tv on in the background.

15:30 Another nap because she doesn't sleep for long enough! Amy sleeps for 30 minutes. Sigh.

16:45 Lee comes home and we have our dinner. Amy plays in her high chair at the table and samples what we're having. Lee plays with Amy. She loves sitting up on his shoulders while he 'gallops' and she kicks and squeals. We play 'peek-a-boo' and 'this little piggy'. 

18:00 Amy has dinner, something I've cooked for her, followed by some fruit or yoghurt. Play time continues.

18:45 Bath time! Such fun! Amy baths and we sing 'twinkle twinkle' and 'wee willie winkie' and she gets her pyjamas put on. We read another book together on her rocking chair, she has more milk and listens to her lullaby's.

19:30 Amy goes to bed.

23:30 - 6:30 Amy wakens around twice in the night for a feed/a cuddle. Although I'd really like a good uninterrupted nights sleep, I think I'll miss the night time cuddles with our snuggly little girl. I reckon as long as I'm breastfeeding, she'll continue to waken during the night. Ah well.

On Tuesdays Lee's mum visits and we usually go out. Nana plays with and baths Amy and she goes home once Amy is in bed.

On Friday's we'll be going to the baby/toddler group in the village hall and on Monday's we'll probably go to a few baby music classes at the Library when they start up again.

Ja, so that's our routine at the moment :)

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  1. Great post & she is so adorable & has gotten really grown up looking! Love the fact there is a Foo Fighters baby CD! :) x