Wednesday, 5 June 2013

My birthday weekend

Summer has officially begun!

We've been having braais, exploring the neighbourhood, walking along the loughshore and just spending as much time as possible sitting outside in the (glorious) sunshine. Hooray for warmer weather!!

It was my birthday on Sunday. On Saturday evening, Lee's cousin Donna came over to look after Amy while we went out to OX in Belfast for a meal. The food was delicious and beautiful but the portions were tiny (and I'm not a big eater [unless it's chocolate]) and we both left still kinda hungry. Kerri and Stephen gave us a lift back home, and once I got Amy in to bed, we all sat outside and had a little party around our picnic table.

Donna went home on Sunday and we napped and stayed in our pyjamas until lunch time and ate chocolate and drank tea and it was a wonderfully lazy day. We visited with Aidan and Carri-Ann and had another little braai and drank pimms and I got more presents!

And this afternoon when Lee gets home we're having more left over braai :)

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